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Getting a Limo Was a Good Decision

I had been planning my wedding over the last 6 months or so. My now husband helped me some, but he knew how badly I wanted to put our special day together on my own, so he made sure to mostly let me do all the planning. He typically likes what I like anyway, by his own admission. I had not thought much about transportation beyond our own cars for the big day, but my hubby said that we really should get something nice to travel in for the day. So, I called Paradise Toronto Limo to book our transport.

I have to say that now that the big day has passed, I am glad that we rented one. We did not have to worry about driving ourselves anywhere. And we did not have to worry about getting in a family member or friend's smallish car with my very full wedding dress, my accessories, makeup and all the other things that would be in the car with us on the way to the church where I would finish getting ready for the actual wedding.

It was really nice to get married and have the limo ready and waiting for us outside of the church so that we could simply get in, hold hands, talk and laugh without worrying about driving. It was just very peaceful.

To start, the driver showed up thirty minutes before we needed to leave, which was really nice. I loved that he was on time, and we did not have to worry about being late and rushing to get to where we needed to be on top of that. He drove us to our destination, and then promised to wait for us after the actual wedding was over with. True to his word, he was there waiting afterward. He also drove us to the wedding reception afterward. He helped make part of our day stress-free.

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