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Working on This Really Boring Job

I do not know if I have the most boring job in the world, but it seems like it is pretty close to it is not. I have been assigned the over night help desk at work, so I have to sit around waiting for phone calls, all alone and with no one else around. Of course no one bugs me much and so I have been killing time on this site that has a bunch of flying games and things of that sort. They are not all that great, but of course the IT guy at work is blocking a lot of the sites that you would go to to if you wanted to kill time. I would guess that they have a lot of bored people here during the day as well, but I never minded the job as much when I was working the day shift. You have bout three dozen people in the office and the warehouse during normal hours. Of course I am friendly with a couple of them and so you always have some person that you can talk to.

In this job you are just sitting around and it is the middle of the night. All of my friends at at home and in bed or they are out having a good time. There is no one anywhere near this place. The only time you see any people in this area at that point in time, they are lost. Of course if you saw someone in this are at this time of the night you would probably wonder if they were there to try to steal stuff from the shop. We have a few things that would be worth taking and I suppose that some one might be willing to give it a try.

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