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I Just Got to Hamburg

I just got to Hamburg today and I spent the day getting accustomed to the place. It is not so difficult for me to get around the city so far, but this is the weekend and there was not a lot of congestion on the streets as I was traveling the route from my hotel to the office. I stopped at a drug store for some allergy medicine and I almost bought something called wimpernserum by mistake. I took it up to the counter and realized rather quickly that it was nothing to do with allergies at all. In fact it was for eyelashes. The serum part means serum the same as it does in English, but the wimpern part means eyelashes. It was a good thing for me that the lady behind the counter spoke perfect English. She seemed to find me very amusing and could hardly keep from giggling the entire time that she was helping me. I wanted something that would keep my allergies in check, but not knock me on my hind parts. For example benadryl fixes my allergies fine, but after I take one I am not able to function that well without a nap. That would not be that big of an issue here compared to what it would be back in South Carolina or any place in the USA. Back there I would drive my car to work each day and it is not a good idea to be drowsy while you are behind the wheel. Here I am going to be taking the bus for now. I am going to be living in a hotel for probably around a month. A lady at the office is going to help me look for a place to stay, but obviously I shall only be here for a few months as it looks now.

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